Oct 202016

CreativeMornings were started in 2008 in New York City by Tina Roth Eisenberg to serve as open, accessible monthly breakfast gatherings for the city’s creative community, featuring short, themed talks by local creatives. They have since expanded to chapters in 156 cities, which participate in monthly global themes which connect all the participating cities.

OBLSK’s Eve Warnock will speak about this month’s theme, ‘Transparency’, at the Columbus CreativeMornings event this Friday, October 21 at Continental Office from 8:30am-10:00am. 

Registration is free and there are still spots available!


The Transparency of it All….

It was like looking through a transparency. A layer that existed unnoticed, manipulating just enough to alter but never enough to bring attention.  Her eyes tried to focus and refocus until she allowed herself to sink into the screen as the imagery washed over her and the reality of the story convinced her thoughts it was true.

How many transparent filters are out there? Each individual looks through their own custom transparency via the lens in their eyes; The transparent structure that helps to focus light. As we broaden our perspectives we see that we are surrounded by “lenses” proving and documenting reality.  But we must question the authenticity, the true nature of the origin, because it can get skewed, and sometimes lost, through the many transparencies it passes. Please join eve Warnock in a discussion on the idea of transparency by analyzing the transparency of perspective, of emotion, of information, and of light.

A projection installation will be presented by OBLSK.

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