Jun 022016

PULSE: Columbus Arts Festival Patron Party June 10th-12th: Cultural Arts Center

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Pulse is a modular 3d sculpture created by OBLSK, with support from Capital University Audio Engineering Students and Greater Columbus Arts Council, that captures the pulse of Columbus, Ohio. Patterns found in the city’s sounds and textures are translated into light and color, which play on the surfaces of 3 floating triangular pyramids. Through RGB LEDs and video projection, Pulse comes alive as a glowing prism of energy, revealing the rhythm of the heart of Columbus.

Pulse will be premiered at the Columbus City Arts Festival Patron Party inside the Cultural Arts Center from June 10th-June 12th.

OBLSK is a group of artists based in Columbus, Ohio who create powerful multi-sensory media experiences and creative marketing through video, projection, interactive art and technology, costume and set design, storytelling, graphic design, and more.

The OBLSK Team

Sam CorlettSAM_0697 is an artist and musician with a passion for building relationships around creative expression. Her artwork is place based and deeply rooted in domestic nostalgia- investigating the representation of spatial memories, ideas of home, and feelings of belonging. As a certified Creative Placemaker, Sam is an advocate for public art and has worked as an artist and project consultant with many Columbus organizations to improve local community development.


Pelham_johnstonPelham Johnston is a filmmaker, inventor, researcher, and artist.  He uses a combination of creativity, technical know-how, and a love for working collaboratively to create finely crafted moving art and media that tells a story with a purpose.




unnamedYoni Mizrachi is a multi-media artist who uses video, animation, and sound to investigate the connection between nature, humans, and technology. His installations explore a hybridization of human-made and natural spaces as well as combining physical and digital methods of making.



eve_projectioneve Warnock is an international multimedia artist who melds ancient techniques of art-making with modern technologies.  She is a director for live performance and films as well as a costume and set designer, sculptural installation artist, and performance artist.



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