Jan 102017

OBLSK has been busy over the last months creating media for national and international companies.  We are movin’ and groovin’ makin’ art for the masses.

We just recently worked with HMS Host in the state of Delaware, working on a series of time lapse training videos.  We were lucky enough to work with Davinia Roberts and Paul Cook with ZenGenius.

pelham3    pelham

OBLSK also just finished up an animation for the Off Broadway production MADE IN CHINA by Wakka Wakka Productions.  MADE IN CHINA is A darkly comedic puppet musical inspired by true events, MADE IN CHINA is a fantastical exploration of human rights, consumerism and American-Chinese relations as told through the unlikely love story between an odd middle-aged American woman and her Chinese ex-pat neighbor. January11-February 19 at 59E59 Theaters, NYC.  Click HERE for Tickets




Check out our projection advertisement that we did for Land Grant Brewery in November! Cool Right!?  We can’t wait to do more of this type of work as we hone our skills to really produce something exceptional.




We have also been busy working with ZenGenius, A visual merchandising company based out of Columbus Ohio on their G’litter Done Campaign.  Let’s work together to keep our earth Clean!


Finally OBLSK was asked to represent Creatives in this series of Creative Videos which was presented at the International Retail Design Conference in Montreal.   Let’s REPRESENT!


OBLSK consists of a team of artists, inventors, and designers who come together to create engaging interactive installations, finely crafted imagery, and powerful multi-sensory experiences.

Our areas of expertise include video production, large-scale projection mapping, interactive electronic and mechanical engineering, visual design, costume and set design, brand development, and more. We collaborate with clients ready to pioneer new ways of engaging their audience; creative-minded organizations interested in developing their brand using art and technology.

Mar 222016

Stratosphere is an exhibition exploring light and the ways that light can manipulate architecture, object, and perspective. Through projection, shadowplay, performance, and sculpture, OBLSK has created an event that is exciting, innovative, entertaining, and beautifully dark.

Fox written and produced by eve Warnock and Pelham Johnston is a 3d projection mapping onto three mannequins that tells the story of vanity and greed through the interaction of a beautiful woman/fox, a narrator/badger, and a business man/lion.  The powerful imagery and magnetic storytelling are innovative and immersive engaging the audience in a visual dreamscape that unravels in mysterious ways.

RAGNO is a shadow play directed by Brandon Reichard that looks at a dysfunctional relationship between a husband and wife and the husband’s efforts to upgrade his wife. Through beautiful shadow puppetry, humor, and unexpected twists RAGNO keeps the audience enthralled and delighted.

OBLSK consists of a team of artists/inventors who came together to create interactive art and technology installations and provide powerful multi-sensory experiences. Their areas of expertise include video production, projection mapping, interactive electronic and mechanical engineering, costume and set design, storytelling, and more. OBLSK works with clients who envision their message delivered in an innovative way, unconstrained by traditional ideas of media. Learn more at OBLSKinc.com.

Special Thanks to our Sponsors. ZenGenius and the Windchimes Chinese Restaurant and to the Ohio Art League Gallery X Space for hosting the event. Super Special Thanks to our families which have kicked ass in making this happen.


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Dec 072015

OBLSK incorporated

OBLSK is made up of a group of artists who create powerful multisensory media experiences.  Our areas of expertise include video production, projection mapping, interactive art and technology installation, costume and set design, storytelling, graphic design, creative marketing and more.  We work with clients who envision their message delivered in an innovative way, unconstrained by traditional ideas of media.  OBLSK is Pelham Johnston, Brandon Reichard, and eve Warnock. For more information please visit OBLSKinc.com