Dec 302015




The show at the Ohio Art League X Space Inaugural Opening event was a success.  OBLSK created a beautiful projection installation with a performance directed by Brandon Reichard. Both will be shown/performed again January 8th 2016 at the 400 Rich street Studios for the First Friday event.  Below is the Video (Prism) that was used for the projection installation. Directed by eve Warnock, edit and music by Pelham Johnston


Below is documentation of the OAL X Space Inaugural event.  In this video you can see all the amazing art that was exhibited as well as the Projection Installation by OBLSK.

Video by OBLSK, Music by Pelham Johnston.

OBLSK is made up of a group of artists who create powerful multisensory media experiences. Our areas of expertise include video production, projection mapping, interactive art and technology installation, costume and set design, storytelling, and more. We work with clients who envision their message delivered in an innovative way, unconstrained by traditional ideas of media. OBLSK is Pelham Johnston, Brandon Reichard, and eve Warnock