Mar 222016

Stratosphere is an exhibition exploring light and the ways that light can manipulate architecture, object, and perspective. Through projection, shadowplay, performance, and sculpture, OBLSK has created an event that is exciting, innovative, entertaining, and beautifully dark.

Fox written and produced by eve Warnock and Pelham Johnston is a 3d projection mapping onto three mannequins that tells the story of vanity and greed through the interaction of a beautiful woman/fox, a narrator/badger, and a business man/lion.  The powerful imagery and magnetic storytelling are innovative and immersive engaging the audience in a visual dreamscape that unravels in mysterious ways.

RAGNO is a shadow play directed by Brandon Reichard that looks at a dysfunctional relationship between a husband and wife and the husband’s efforts to upgrade his wife. Through beautiful shadow puppetry, humor, and unexpected twists RAGNO keeps the audience enthralled and delighted.

OBLSK consists of a team of artists/inventors who came together to create interactive art and technology installations and provide powerful multi-sensory experiences. Their areas of expertise include video production, projection mapping, interactive electronic and mechanical engineering, costume and set design, storytelling, and more. OBLSK works with clients who envision their message delivered in an innovative way, unconstrained by traditional ideas of media. Learn more at

Special Thanks to our Sponsors. ZenGenius and the Windchimes Chinese Restaurant and to the Ohio Art League Gallery X Space for hosting the event. Super Special Thanks to our families which have kicked ass in making this happen.