S e e k a g o

(Projection/Performance Installation 2013)

SeekagoPerhaps we were meant? To live in breaths that hold life, passion, sorrow,and joy. They opened the door and it all started… Seekago is five experimental films that in their entirety tell a love story of two characters, the Traveler and the Bagged Woman. It begins with birth and death, into journey and experience, to love and sacrifice, to survival and community, and finally transcendence into a world beyond. However, each film in the series also works independently as an individual piece telling its own story, commenting on areas of human and environmental ecology.

SEEKAGO is Breathing, Asphalt, The Chicken and the Coyote, Feast, and Flight.

Seekago can be presented on many platforms: as a film, as a projection installation, or as a performance.

Zero1 Garage San Jose, Sub Zero Festival

chickeninforest3-1-1We performed live Maquettes from the film series Seekago as well as installed six projection installations throughout the gallery.  The show was a complete success drawing over 2500 people.,




We Seek They Seek

Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History


This Performance was an experimental melding of vultures, robots, and leaches to tell the story of decomposition and rebirth.  This installation was strictly performance based where the characters used the entire space of the Museum as well as the surrounding blocks to tell the lives and deaths of the Characters.  After the Performance we held a question and answer.





ZERO1 Biennial San Jose California 2012

Directed by Tina Matthews, eve Warnock and Colin McDonald

Denizen is a performance, sound, and video projection based work that draws inspiration from local native mythology.  It explores life and the therefore imminent approach of death; using the Coyote as a central character.  The coyote is a native to the California area and has prospered through all the human developments. Even though its natural habitat is being reduced, its population has grown by assimilating to the human culture and living off human bi-products. In the time of the Ohlone people, native to the bay area, the coyote was a main figure of their mythology; portrayed as a character of wit and cunning and contributing to the creation of humankind. The coyote is an instigator, and an animal that has the ability to adapt, while remaining wild and uncontrolled.

Through song and movement, an expression of origin and ancestry will be explored – illustrating successes, failures, and tactics of survival.  Silicon Valley, on the leading edge of technology, modernity, and progress, gives context to Denizen, a piece questioning:  Do we adapt our materials and knowledge to re-unite with our animal ancestry, or do we continue our current path, separating ourselves further and therefore creating an alien nation?


01-defining-1Denizen was highlighted in this Article in the NEA ARTS magazine

NEA ARTS: Defining Creative Placemaking: A Talk with Ann Markusen and Anne Gadwa Nicodemus

In September 2012, NEA Design Director Jason Schupbach talked with Ann Markusen and Anne Gadwa Nicodemus, authors of Creative Placemaking, a white paper commissioned by the Mayors’ Institute on City Design



 Queen Mae and the Bells

Modern Opera troupe that performed guerilla in the streets, museums, universities, and galleries

queen-maeQueen Mae and the Bells is a modern opera troupe based out of Columbus, Ohio that tell stories through costume, sounds, and scenario.  They are an experimental group dabbling in self- engineered electronic instruments, projection based set designs, and diverse music compositions ranging from electronic ambient to tribal percussion.  The mission of Queen Mae and the Bells is to explore infinite realms through material experimentation, concept, movement, and character development.  They speak of standing in your bones, building a stable frame, and respecting your self, the earth, and fellow human beings.  Queen Mae and the Bells is Gendala Kelli Anna, Tina Matthews, and eve Warnock