Dec 092015

OBLSKlogoPlease Join us as for an evening of art, music, and laughter for the opening of XSpace, The Ohio Art League’s new gallery space. This event is honoring the history of the Ohio Art League, the talented artists that have been members, and a new vision that is about growth, expansion, inspiration, and imagination. OBLSK will be presenting two media pieces at this event.

Friday December 11th, 7:00-11:00pm, 400 Rich Street Studios

Title: Prism

It travels beyond our skin, beyond our gaze, beyond our understanding.  It illuminates, it triggers a memory, manipulates it and erases it.  At a lost we stand fractured searching to regain that moment. To retrieve what was once. How the spirit claims the soul as we grow with the earth, and the universe, and the heavens above and the hells below.  Prism is a projection installation that looks at the relationship of light and memory through the lenses of a man, a woman, and child.

Title: Waiting


is a projection piece that plays on the idea of the intermission, a pause between activity where the viewers gets to relax and enjoy each other’s company while anticipating the upcoming events.

VimeoProfilePicOBLSK is made up of a group of artists who create powerful multisensory media experiences.  Our areas of expertise include video production, projection mapping, interactive art and technology installation, costume and set design, storytelling, and more.  We work with clients who envision their message delivered in an innovative way, unconstrained by traditional ideas of media.  OBLSK is Pelham Johnston, Brandon Reichard, and eve Warnock

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